Class JdbcFrontJdbcBackLinqMiddleTest

  • public class JdbcFrontJdbcBackLinqMiddleTest
    extends java.lang.Object
    Tests for a JDBC front-end and JDBC back-end where the processing is not pushed down to JDBC (as in JdbcFrontJdbcBackTest) but is executed in a pipeline of linq4j operators.
    • Constructor Detail

      • JdbcFrontJdbcBackLinqMiddleTest

        public JdbcFrontJdbcBackLinqMiddleTest()
    • Method Detail

      • testTable

        public void testTable()
      • testWhere

        public void testWhere()
      • testWhere2

        public void testWhere2()
      • testCase

        public void testCase()
      • testGroup

        public void testGroup()
      • testGroupEmpty

        public void testGroupEmpty()
      • testJoinTheta

        public void testJoinTheta()
        Tests a theta join: a join whose condition cannot be decomposed into input0.x = input1.x and ... input0.z = input1.z.

        Currently, the query can be planned, but the plan is not efficient (uses cartesian product).

      • testJoinGroupByEmpty

        public void testJoinGroupByEmpty()
      • testJoinGroupByOrderBy

        public void testJoinGroupByOrderBy()
      • testCompositeGroupBy

        public void testCompositeGroupBy()
      • testDistinctCount

        public void testDistinctCount()
      • testPlan

        public void testPlan()
      • testPlan2

        public void testPlan2()
      • testPlan3

        public void testPlan3()