Class PigRelBuilderTest

  • public class PigRelBuilderTest
    extends java.lang.Object
    Unit test for PigRelBuilder.
    • Constructor Detail

      • PigRelBuilderTest

        public PigRelBuilderTest()
    • Method Detail

      • config

        public static config()
        Creates a config based on the "scott" schema.
      • str

        private java.lang.String str​(org.apache.calcite.rel.RelNode r)
        Converts a relational expression to a sting with linux line-endings.
      • testScan

        public void testScan()
      • testCogroup

        public void testCogroup()
      • testCross

        public void testCross()
      • testCube

        public void testCube()
      • testDefine

        public void testDefine()
      • testDistinct

        public void testDistinct()
      • testFilter

        public void testFilter()
      • testForeach

        public void testForeach()
      • testGroup

        public void testGroup()
      • testGroup2

        public void testGroup2()
      • testImport

        public void testImport()
      • testJoinInner

        public void testJoinInner()
      • testJoinOuter

        public void testJoinOuter()
      • testLimit

        public void testLimit()
      • testLoad

        public void testLoad()
      • testMapReduce

        public void testMapReduce()
      • testOrderBy

        public void testOrderBy()
      • testRank

        public void testRank()
      • testSample

        public void testSample()
      • testSplit

        public void testSplit()
      • testStore

        public void testStore()
      • testUnion

        public void testUnion()