Class ServerParserTest

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    public class ServerParserTest
    extends SqlParserTest
    Tests SQL parser extensions for DDL.

    Remaining tasks:

    • "create table x (a int) as values 1, 2" should fail validation; data type not allowed in "create table ... as".
    • "create table x (a int, b int as (a + 1)) stored" should not allow b to be specified in insert; should generate check constraint on b; should populate b in insert as if it had a default
    • "create table as select" should store constraints deduced by planner
    • during CREATE VIEW, check for a table and a materialized view with the same name (they have the same namespace)
    • Constructor Detail

      • ServerParserTest

        public ServerParserTest()
    • Method Detail

      • parserImplFactory

        protected org.apache.calcite.sql.parser.SqlParserImplFactory parserImplFactory()
        Description copied from class: SqlParserTest
        Implementors of custom parsing logic who want to reuse this test should override this method with the factory for their extension parser.
        parserImplFactory in class SqlParserTest
      • testCreateSchema

        public void testCreateSchema()
      • testCreateOrReplaceSchema

        public void testCreateOrReplaceSchema()
      • testCreateForeignSchema

        public void testCreateForeignSchema()
      • testCreateForeignSchema2

        public void testCreateForeignSchema2()
      • testCreateTypeWithAttributeList

        public void testCreateTypeWithAttributeList()
      • testCreateTypeWithBaseType

        public void testCreateTypeWithBaseType()
      • testCreateOrReplaceTypeWith

        public void testCreateOrReplaceTypeWith()
      • testCreateTable

        public void testCreateTable()
      • testCreateTableAsSelect

        public void testCreateTableAsSelect()
      • testCreateTableIfNotExistsAsSelect

        public void testCreateTableIfNotExistsAsSelect()
      • testCreateTableAsValues

        public void testCreateTableAsValues()
      • testCreateTableAsSelectColumnList

        public void testCreateTableAsSelectColumnList()
      • testCreateTableCheck

        public void testCreateTableCheck()
      • testCreateTableVirtualColumn

        public void testCreateTableVirtualColumn()
      • testCreateTableWithUDT

        public void testCreateTableWithUDT()
      • testCreateView

        public void testCreateView()
      • testCreateMaterializedView

        public void testCreateMaterializedView()
      • testCreateMaterializedView2

        public void testCreateMaterializedView2()
      • testCreateOrReplaceMaterializedView

        public void testCreateOrReplaceMaterializedView()
      • testCreateOrReplaceFunction

        public void testCreateOrReplaceFunction()
      • testCreateOrReplaceFunction2

        public void testCreateOrReplaceFunction2()
      • testDropSchema

        public void testDropSchema()
      • testDropSchemaIfExists

        public void testDropSchemaIfExists()
      • testDropForeignSchema

        public void testDropForeignSchema()
      • testDropType

        public void testDropType()
      • testDropTypeIfExists

        public void testDropTypeIfExists()
      • testDropTypeTrailingIfExistsFails

        public void testDropTypeTrailingIfExistsFails()
      • testDropTable

        public void testDropTable()
      • testDropTableComposite

        public void testDropTableComposite()
      • testDropTableIfExists

        public void testDropTableIfExists()
      • testDropView

        public void testDropView()
      • testDropMaterializedView

        public void testDropMaterializedView()
      • testDropMaterializedViewIfExists

        public void testDropMaterializedViewIfExists()
      • testDropFunction

        public void testDropFunction()
      • testDropFunctionIfExists

        public void testDropFunctionIfExists()