Class SparkAdapterTest

  • public class SparkAdapterTest
    extends java.lang.Object
    Tests for using Calcite with Spark as an internal engine, as implemented by the org.apache.calcite.adapter.spark package.
    • Constructor Detail

      • SparkAdapterTest

        public SparkAdapterTest()
    • Method Detail

      • testValues

        public void testValues()
        Tests a VALUES query evaluated using Spark. There are no data sources.
      • testValuesFilter

        public void testValuesFilter()
        Tests values followed by filter, evaluated by Spark.
      • testSelectDistinct

        public void testSelectDistinct()
      • testGroupBy

        public void testGroupBy()
      • testAggFuncNoGroupBy

        public void testAggFuncNoGroupBy()
      • testGroupByOrderByAsc

        public void testGroupByOrderByAsc()
      • testGroupByMinMaxCountCountDistinctOrderByAsc

        public void testGroupByMinMaxCountCountDistinctOrderByAsc()
      • testGroupByMiMaxCountCountDistinctOrderByDesc

        public void testGroupByMiMaxCountCountDistinctOrderByDesc()
      • testGroupByHaving

        public void testGroupByHaving()
      • testUnionAll

        public void testUnionAll()
      • testUnion

        public void testUnion()
      • testIntersect

        public void testIntersect()
      • testSortXAscProjectY

        public void testSortXAscProjectY()
      • testSortXDescYDescProjectY

        public void testSortXDescYDescProjectY()
      • testSortXDescYAscProjectY

        public void testSortXDescYAscProjectY()
      • testSortXAscYDescProjectY

        public void testSortXAscYDescProjectY()
      • testJoinProject

        public void testJoinProject()
      • testJoinProjectAliasProject

        public void testJoinProjectAliasProject()
      • testLimit

        public void testLimit()
      • testOrderByLimit

        public void testOrderByLimit()
      • testOrderByOffset

        public void testOrderByOffset()
      • testFilterBetween

        public void testFilterBetween()
      • testFilterIsIn

        public void testFilterIsIn()
      • testFilterTrue

        public void testFilterTrue()
      • testFilterFalse

        public void testFilterFalse()
      • testFilterOr

        public void testFilterOr()
      • testFilterIsNotNull

        public void testFilterIsNotNull()
      • testFilterIsNull

        public void testFilterIsNull()
      • testUnionWithFilters

        public void testUnionWithFilters()
      • testUnionWithFiltersProject

        public void testUnionWithFiltersProject()
      • testArithmeticPlus

        public void testArithmeticPlus()
      • testArithmeticMinus

        public void testArithmeticMinus()
      • testArithmeticMul

        public void testArithmeticMul()
      • testArithmeticDiv

        public void testArithmeticDiv()
      • testFilterExists

        public void testFilterExists()
      • testFilterNotExists

        public void testFilterNotExists()
      • testSubQueryAny

        public void testSubQueryAny()
      • testSubQueryAll

        public void testSubQueryAll()