Class SqlFunctionsTest

  • public class SqlFunctionsTest
    extends java.lang.Object
    Unit test for the methods in SqlFunctions that implement SQL functions.

    Developers, please use assertThat rather than assertEquals.

    • Constructor Detail

      • SqlFunctionsTest

        public SqlFunctionsTest()
    • Method Detail

      • testCharLength

        public void testCharLength()
      • testConcat

        public void testConcat()
      • testPosixRegex

        public void testPosixRegex()
      • testRegexpReplace

        public void testRegexpReplace()
      • testLower

        public void testLower()
      • testFromBase64

        public void testFromBase64()
      • testToBase64

        public void testToBase64()
      • testUpper

        public void testUpper()
      • testInitcap

        public void testInitcap()
      • testLesser

        public void testLesser()
      • testGreater

        public void testGreater()
      • testRtrim

        public void testRtrim()
        Test for SqlFunctions.rtrim(java.lang.String).
      • testLtrim

        public void testLtrim()
        Test for SqlFunctions.ltrim(java.lang.String).
      • testTrim

        public void testTrim()
        Test for SqlFunctions.trim(boolean, boolean, java.lang.String, java.lang.String).
      • trimSpacesBoth

        static java.lang.String trimSpacesBoth​(java.lang.String s)
      • testAddMonths

        public void testAddMonths()
      • checkAddMonths

        private void checkAddMonths​(int y0,
                                    int m0,
                                    int d0,
                                    int y1,
                                    int m1,
                                    int d1,
                                    int months)
      • d2ts

        private long d2ts​(int date,
                          int millis)
        Converts a date (days since epoch) and milliseconds (since midnight) into a timestamp (milliseconds since epoch).
      • testFloor

        public void testFloor()
      • checkFloor

        private void checkFloor​(int x,
                                int y,
                                int result)
      • testCeil

        public void testCeil()
      • checkCeil

        private void checkCeil​(int x,
                               int y,
                               int result)
      • testCompare

        public void testCompare()
        Unit test for, java.util.List).
      • testTruncateLong

        public void testTruncateLong()
      • testTruncateInt

        public void testTruncateInt()
      • testSTruncateDouble

        public void testSTruncateDouble()
      • testSTruncateLong

        public void testSTruncateLong()
      • testSTruncateInt

        public void testSTruncateInt()
      • testSRoundDouble

        public void testSRoundDouble()
      • testSRoundLong

        public void testSRoundLong()
      • testSRoundInt

        public void testSRoundInt()
      • testByteString

        public void testByteString()
      • thereAndBack

        private void thereAndBack​(byte[] bytes)
      • testEqWithAny

        public void testEqWithAny()
      • testNeWithAny

        public void testNeWithAny()
      • testLtWithAny

        public void testLtWithAny()
      • testLeWithAny

        public void testLeWithAny()
      • testGtWithAny

        public void testGtWithAny()
      • testGeWithAny

        public void testGeWithAny()
      • testPlusAny

        public void testPlusAny()
      • testMinusAny

        public void testMinusAny()
      • testMultiplyAny

        public void testMultiplyAny()
      • testDivideAny

        public void testDivideAny()
      • testMultiset

        public void testMultiset()
      • testMd5

        public void testMd5()
      • testSha1

        public void testSha1()