Class SqlValidatorFeatureTest

  • public class SqlValidatorFeatureTest
    extends SqlValidatorTestCase
    SqlValidatorFeatureTest verifies that features can be independently enabled or disabled.
    • Field Detail


        private static final java.lang.String FEATURE_DISABLED
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      • disabledFeature

        private org.apache.calcite.runtime.Feature disabledFeature
    • Constructor Detail

      • SqlValidatorFeatureTest

        public SqlValidatorFeatureTest()
    • Method Detail

      • testDistinct

        public void testDistinct()
      • testOrderByDesc

        public void testOrderByDesc()
      • testIntersect

        public void testIntersect()
      • testExcept

        public void testExcept()
      • testMultiset

        public void testMultiset()
      • testTablesample

        public void testTablesample()
      • checkFeature

        private void checkFeature​(java.lang.String sql,
                                  org.apache.calcite.runtime.Feature feature)