Class DruidQuery

All Implemented Interfaces:
Cloneable, BindableRel, InterpretableRel, RelOptNode, RelNode, ArrayBindable, Bindable<@Nullable Object[]>, Typed

public class DruidQuery extends AbstractRelNode implements BindableRel
Relational expression representing a scan of a Druid data set.
  • Field Details


      public static final List<DruidSqlOperatorConverter> DEFAULT_OPERATORS_LIST
      Provides a standard list of supported Calcite operators that can be converted to Druid Expressions. This can be used as is or re-adapted based on underline engine operator syntax.
    • querySpec

      protected DruidQuery.QuerySpec querySpec

      protected static final String DRUID_QUERY_FETCH
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  • Constructor Details

    • DruidQuery

      protected DruidQuery(RelOptCluster cluster, RelTraitSet traitSet, RelOptTable table, DruidTable druidTable, List<org.joda.time.Interval> intervals, List<RelNode> rels, Map<SqlOperator,DruidSqlOperatorConverter> converterOperatorMap)
      Creates a DruidQuery.
      cluster - Cluster
      traitSet - Traits
      table - Table
      druidTable - Druid table
      intervals - Intervals for the query
      rels - Internal relational expressions
      converterOperatorMap - mapping of Calcite Sql Operator to Druid Expression API.
  • Method Details

    • create

      public static DruidQuery create(RelOptCluster cluster, RelTraitSet traitSet, RelOptTable table, DruidTable druidTable, List<RelNode> rels)
      Creates a DruidQuery.
    • create

      public static DruidQuery create(RelOptCluster cluster, RelTraitSet traitSet, RelOptTable table, DruidTable druidTable, List<RelNode> rels, Map<SqlOperator,DruidSqlOperatorConverter> converterOperatorMap)
      Creates a DruidQuery.
    • extendQuery

      public static DruidQuery extendQuery(DruidQuery query, RelNode r)
      Extends a DruidQuery.
    • extendQuery

      public static DruidQuery extendQuery(DruidQuery query, List<org.joda.time.Interval> intervals)
      Extends a DruidQuery.
    • toDruidColumn

      protected static Pair<String,ExtractionFunction> toDruidColumn(RexNode rexNode, RelDataType rowType, DruidQuery druidQuery)
      Converts a RexNode to a Druid column.
      rexNode - leaf Input Ref to Druid Column
      rowType - row type
      druidQuery - Druid query
      Pair of Column name and Extraction Function on the top of the input ref, or Pair.of(null, null) when cannot translate to a valid Druid column
    • extractColumnName

      protected static @Nullable String extractColumnName(RexNode rexNode, RelDataType rowType, DruidQuery query)
      Returns Druid column name or null when it is not possible to translate.
      rexNode - Druid input ref node
      rowType - Row type
      query - Druid query
    • format

      public static String format(String message, Object... formatArgs)
      Equivalent of String.format(Locale.ENGLISH, message, formatArgs).
    • isValid

      public boolean isValid(Litmus litmus, RelNode.Context context)
      Description copied from interface: RelNode
      Returns whether this relational expression is valid.

      If assertions are enabled, this method is typically called with litmus = THROW, as follows:

      assert rel.isValid(Litmus.THROW)

      This signals that the method can throw an AssertionError if it is not valid.

      Specified by:
      isValid in interface RelNode
      isValid in class AbstractRelNode
      litmus - What to do if invalid
      context - Context for validity checking
      Whether relational expression is valid
    • getOperatorConversionMap

      protected Map<SqlOperator,DruidSqlOperatorConverter> getOperatorConversionMap()
    • copy

      public RelNode copy(RelTraitSet traitSet, List<RelNode> inputs)
      Description copied from interface: RelNode
      Creates a copy of this relational expression, perhaps changing traits and inputs.

      Sub-classes with other important attributes are encouraged to create variants of this method with more parameters.

      Specified by:
      copy in interface RelNode
      copy in class AbstractRelNode
      traitSet - Trait set
      inputs - Inputs
      Copy of this relational expression, substituting traits and inputs
    • deriveRowType

      public RelDataType deriveRowType()
      deriveRowType in class AbstractRelNode
    • getTableScan

      public TableScan getTableScan()
    • getTopNode

      public RelNode getTopNode()
    • getTable

      public RelOptTable getTable()
      Description copied from interface: RelNode
      If this relational expression represents an access to a table, returns that table, otherwise returns null.
      Specified by:
      getTable in interface RelNode
      getTable in class AbstractRelNode
      If this relational expression represents an access to a table, returns that table, otherwise returns null
    • getDruidTable

      public DruidTable getDruidTable()
    • explainTerms

      public RelWriter explainTerms(RelWriter pw)
      Description copied from class: AbstractRelNode
      Describes the inputs and attributes of this relational expression. Each node should call super.explainTerms, then call the RelWriter.input(String, RelNode) and RelWriter.item(String, Object) methods for each input and attribute.
      explainTerms in class AbstractRelNode
      pw - Plan writer
      Plan writer for fluent-explain pattern
    • computeSelfCost

      public @Nullable RelOptCost computeSelfCost(RelOptPlanner planner, RelMetadataQuery mq)
      Description copied from interface: RelNode
      Returns the cost of this plan (not including children). The base implementation throws an error; derived classes should override.

      NOTE jvs 29-Mar-2006: Don't call this method directly. Instead, use RelMetadataQuery.getNonCumulativeCost(org.apache.calcite.rel.RelNode), which gives plugins a chance to override the rel's default ideas about cost.

      Specified by:
      computeSelfCost in interface RelNode
      computeSelfCost in class AbstractRelNode
      planner - Planner for cost calculation
      mq - Metadata query
      Cost of this plan (not including children)
    • register

      public void register(RelOptPlanner planner)
      Description copied from interface: RelNode
      Registers any special rules specific to this kind of relational expression.

      The planner calls this method this first time that it sees a relational expression of this class. The derived class should call RelOptPlanner.addRule(org.apache.calcite.plan.RelOptRule) for each rule, and then call super.register.

      Specified by:
      register in interface RelNode
      register in class AbstractRelNode
      planner - Planner to be used to register additional relational expressions
    • getElementType

      public Class<Object[]> getElementType()
      Description copied from interface: Typed
      Gets the type of the element(s) that are returned in this collection.
      Specified by:
      getElementType in interface ArrayBindable
      Specified by:
      getElementType in interface Typed
    • bind

      public Enumerable<@Nullable Object[]> bind(DataContext dataContext)
      Description copied from interface: Bindable
      Executes this statement and returns an enumerable which will yield rows. The environment parameter provides the values in the root of the environment (usually schemas).
      Specified by:
      bind in interface Bindable<@Nullable Object[]>
      dataContext - Environment that provides tables
      Enumerable over rows
    • implement

      public Node implement(InterpretableRel.InterpreterImplementor implementor)
      Description copied from interface: InterpretableRel
      Creates an interpreter node to implement this relational expression.
      Specified by:
      implement in interface InterpretableRel
    • getQuerySpec

      public DruidQuery.QuerySpec getQuerySpec()
    • deriveQuerySpec

      protected DruidQuery.QuerySpec deriveQuerySpec()
    • getQueryType

      public QueryType getQueryType()
    • getQueryString

      public String getQueryString()
    • getConnectionConfig

      protected CalciteConnectionConfig getConnectionConfig()
    • computeProjectAsScan

      protected static @Nullable Pair<List<String>,List<VirtualColumn>> computeProjectAsScan(@Nullable Project projectRel, RelDataType inputRowType, DruidQuery druidQuery)
      Translates a list of projects to Druid Column names and Virtual Columns if any.

      We cannot use[], Object[]), since size may be different.

      projectRel - Project
      druidQuery - Druid query
      Pair of list of Druid Columns and Expression Virtual Columns, or null when cannot translate one of the projects
    • computeProjectGroupSet

      protected static @Nullable Pair<List<DimensionSpec>,List<VirtualColumn>> computeProjectGroupSet(@Nullable Project projectNode, ImmutableBitSet groupSet, RelDataType inputRowType, DruidQuery druidQuery)
      Computes the project group set.
      projectNode - Project under the Aggregates if any
      groupSet - Ids of grouping keys as they are listed in projects list
      inputRowType - Input row type under the project
      druidQuery - Druid query
      A list of DimensionSpec containing the group by dimensions, and a list of VirtualColumn containing Druid virtual column projections; or null, if translation is not possible. Note that the size of lists can be different.
    • computeDruidJsonAgg

      protected static @Nullable List<org.apache.calcite.adapter.druid.DruidQuery.JsonAggregation> computeDruidJsonAgg(List<AggregateCall> aggCalls, List<String> aggNames, @Nullable Project project, DruidQuery druidQuery)
      Translates aggregate calls to Druid DruidQuery.JsonAggregations when possible.
      aggCalls - List of AggregateCalls to translate
      aggNames - List of aggregate names
      project - Input project under the aggregate calls, or null if we have TableScan immediately under the Aggregate
      druidQuery - Druid query
      List of valid Druid DruidQuery.JsonAggregations, or null if any of the aggregates is not supported
    • getQuery

      protected DruidQuery.QuerySpec getQuery(RelDataType rowType, Filter filter, Project project, ImmutableBitSet groupSet, List<AggregateCall> aggCalls, List<String> aggNames, List<Integer> collationIndexes, List<RelFieldCollation.Direction> collationDirections, ImmutableBitSet numericCollationIndexes, Integer fetch, Project postProject, Filter havingFilter)
    • writeField

      protected static void writeField(com.fasterxml.jackson.core.JsonGenerator generator, String fieldName, Object o) throws IOException
    • writeFieldIf

      protected static void writeFieldIf(com.fasterxml.jackson.core.JsonGenerator generator, String fieldName, Object o) throws IOException
    • writeArray

      protected static void writeArray(com.fasterxml.jackson.core.JsonGenerator generator, List<?> elements) throws IOException
    • writeObject

      protected static void writeObject(com.fasterxml.jackson.core.JsonGenerator generator, Object o) throws IOException
    • getTimestampFieldIndex

      protected int getTimestampFieldIndex()
      Returns the index of the timestamp ref, or -1 if not present.