Class JdbcConvention

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Convention, RelTrait

    public class JdbcConvention
    extends Convention.Impl
    Calling convention for relational operations that occur in a JDBC database.

    The convention is a slight misnomer. The operations occur in whatever data-flow architecture the database uses internally. Nevertheless, the result pops out in JDBC.

    This is the only convention, thus far, that is not a singleton. Each instance contains a JDBC schema (and therefore a data source). If Calcite is working with two different databases, it would even make sense to convert from "JDBC#A" convention to "JDBC#B", even though we don't do it currently. (That would involve asking database B to open a database link to database A.)

    As a result, converter rules from and to this convention need to be instantiated, at the start of planning, for each JDBC database in play.

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        public static final double COST_MULTIPLIER
        Cost of a JDBC node versus implementing an equivalent node in a "typical" calling convention.
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