Class JsonFunction


public class JsonFunction extends Object
Function schema element.
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  • Field Details

    • name

      public final String name
      Name of this function.


    • className

      public final String className
      Name of the class that implements this function.


    • methodName

      public final @Nullable String methodName
      Name of the method that implements this function.


      If specified, the method must exist (case-sensitive) and Calcite will create a scalar function. The method may be static or non-static, but if non-static, the class must have a public constructor with no parameters.

      If "*", Calcite creates a function for every method in this class.

      If not specified, Calcite looks for a method called "eval", and if found, creates a a table macro or scalar function. It also looks for methods "init", "add", "merge", "result", and if found, creates an aggregate function.

    • path

      public final @Nullable List<String> path
      Path for resolving this function.


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