Class JsonRoot


public class JsonRoot extends Object
Root schema element.

A POJO with fields of Boolean, String, ArrayList, LinkedHashMap, per Jackson simple data binding.

Schema structure is as follows:

   JsonSchema (in collection schemas)
     JsonType (in collection types)
     JsonTable (in collection tables)
       JsonColumn (in collection columns)
       JsonStream (in field stream)
     JsonFunction (in collection functions)
     JsonLattice (in collection lattices)
       JsonMeasure (in collection defaultMeasures)
       JsonTile (in collection tiles)
         JsonMeasure (in collection measures)
     JsonMaterialization (in collection materializations)

See the JSON model reference.

  • Field Details

    • version

      public final String version
      Schema model version number. Required, must have value "1.0".
    • defaultSchema

      public final @Nullable String defaultSchema
      Name of the schema that will become the default schema for connections to Calcite that use this model.

      Optional, case-sensitive. If specified, there must be a schema in this model with this name.

    • schemas

      public final List<JsonSchema> schemas
      List of schema elements.

      The list may be empty.

  • Constructor Details

    • JsonRoot

      public JsonRoot(String version, @Nullable String defaultSchema)