Class JsonTile


public class JsonTile extends Object
Materialized view within a JsonLattice.

A tile is defined in terms of its dimensionality (the grouping columns, drawn from the lattice) and measures (aggregate functions applied to lattice columns).

Occurs within JsonLattice.tiles.

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    • dimensions

      public final List dimensions
      List of dimensions that define this tile.

      Each dimension is a column from the lattice. The list of dimensions defines the level of aggregation, like a GROUP BY clause.

      Required, but may be empty. Each element is either a string (the unique label of the column within the lattice) or a string list (a pair consisting of a table alias and a column name).

    • measures

      public final List<JsonMeasure> measures
      List of measures in this tile.

      If not specified, uses JsonLattice.defaultMeasures.

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