Class DynamicTupleRecordType

All Implemented Interfaces:
RelDataType, RelDataTypeFamily

public class DynamicTupleRecordType extends DynamicRecordTypeImpl
Represents Pig Tuples with unknown fields. The tuple field can only be accessed via name '$index', like ('$0', '$1'). The tuple is then resized to match the index.
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    • getField

      public RelDataTypeField getField(String fieldName, boolean caseSensitive, boolean elideRecord)
      Description copied from interface: RelDataType
      Looks up a field by name.

      NOTE: Be careful choosing the value of caseSensitive:

      • If the field name was supplied by an end-user (e.g. as a column alias in SQL), use your session's case-sensitivity setting.
      • Only hard-code true if you are sure that the field name is internally generated.
      • Hard-coding false is almost certainly wrong.
      Specified by:
      getField in interface RelDataType
      getField in class DynamicRecordTypeImpl
      fieldName - Name of field to find
      caseSensitive - Whether match is case-sensitive
      elideRecord - Whether to find fields nested within records
      named field, or null if not found