Interface JoinCommuteRule.Config

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@Immutable public static interface JoinCommuteRule.Config extends RelRule.Config
Rule configuration.
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    • toRule

      default JoinCommuteRule toRule()
      Description copied from interface: RelRule.Config
      Creates a rule that uses this configuration. Sub-class must override.
      Specified by:
      toRule in interface RelRule.Config
    • withOperandFor

      default JoinCommuteRule.Config withOperandFor(Class<? extends Join> joinClass)
      Defines an operand tree for the given classes.
    • isSwapOuter

      @Default default boolean isSwapOuter()
      Whether to swap outer joins; default false.
    • withSwapOuter

      JoinCommuteRule.Config withSwapOuter(boolean swapOuter)
    • isAllowAlwaysTrueCondition

      @Default default boolean isAllowAlwaysTrueCondition()
      Whether to emit the new join tree if the join condition is TRUE (that is, cartesian joins); default true.
    • withAllowAlwaysTrueCondition

      JoinCommuteRule.Config withAllowAlwaysTrueCondition(boolean allowAlwaysTrueCondition)