Class RelRecordType

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, RelDataType, RelDataTypeFamily
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public class RelRecordType extends RelDataTypeImpl implements Serializable
RelRecordType represents a structured type having named fields.
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  • Constructor Details

    • RelRecordType

      public RelRecordType(StructKind kind, List<RelDataTypeField> fields, boolean nullable)
      Creates a RecordType. This should only be called from a factory method.
      kind - Name resolution policy
      fields - List of fields
      nullable - Whether this record type allows null values
    • RelRecordType

      public RelRecordType(StructKind kind, List<RelDataTypeField> fields)
      Creates a RecordType. This should only be called from a factory method. Shorthand for RelRecordType(kind, fields, false).
    • RelRecordType

      public RelRecordType(List<RelDataTypeField> fields)
      Creates a RecordType. This should only be called from a factory method. Shorthand for RelRecordType(StructKind.FULLY_QUALIFIED, fields, false).
  • Method Details

    • getSqlTypeName

      public SqlTypeName getSqlTypeName()
      Description copied from class: RelDataTypeImpl
      Gets the SqlTypeName of this type. Sub-classes must override the method to ensure the resulting value is non-nullable.
      Specified by:
      getSqlTypeName in interface RelDataType
      getSqlTypeName in class RelDataTypeImpl
      SqlTypeName, never null
    • isNullable

      public boolean isNullable()
      Description copied from interface: RelDataType
      Queries whether this type allows null values.
      Specified by:
      isNullable in interface RelDataType
      isNullable in class RelDataTypeImpl
      whether type allows null values
    • getPrecision

      public int getPrecision()
      Description copied from interface: RelDataType
      Gets the JDBC-defined precision for values of this type. Note that this is not always the same as the user-specified precision. For example, the type INTEGER has no user-specified precision, but this method returns 10 for an INTEGER type.

      Returns RelDataType.PRECISION_NOT_SPECIFIED (-1) if precision is not applicable for this type.

      Specified by:
      getPrecision in interface RelDataType
      getPrecision in class RelDataTypeImpl
      number of decimal digits for exact numeric types; number of decimal digits in mantissa for approximate numeric types; number of decimal digits for fractional seconds of datetime types; length in characters for character types; length in bytes for binary types; length in bits for bit types; 1 for BOOLEAN; -1 if precision is not valid for this type
    • getStructKind

      public StructKind getStructKind()
      Description copied from interface: RelDataType
      Returns the rule for resolving the fields of a structured type, or StructKind.NONE if this is not a structured type.
      Specified by:
      getStructKind in interface RelDataType
      getStructKind in class RelDataTypeImpl
      the StructKind that determines how this type's fields are resolved
    • getFieldMap

      protected @Nullable Map<String,RelDataTypeField> getFieldMap()
      Description copied from class: RelDataTypeImpl
      Returns a map from field names to fields.

      Matching is case-sensitive.

      If several fields have the same name, the map contains the first.

      A dynamic star field is indexed under its own name and "" (the empty string).

      If the map is null, the type must do lookup the long way.

      getFieldMap in class RelDataTypeImpl
    • generateTypeString

      protected void generateTypeString(StringBuilder sb, boolean withDetail)
      Description copied from class: RelDataTypeImpl
      Generates a string representation of this type.
      Specified by:
      generateTypeString in class RelDataTypeImpl
      sb - StringBuilder into which to generate the string
      withDetail - when true, all detail information needed to compute a unique digest (and return from getFullTypeString) should be included;