Interface Path

All Superinterfaces:
Collection<Pair<String,Schema>>, Iterable<Pair<String,Schema>>, List<Pair<String,Schema>>, RandomAccess

public interface Path extends List<Pair<String,Schema>>, RandomAccess
Path from a root schema to a particular object (schema, table, function).


  • The root schema has a single element [(root, "")].
  • A direct child "foo" of the root schema has a two elements [(root, ""), (child, "foo")].
  • Method Details

    • parent

      Path parent()
      Returns the parent path, or null if the path is empty.
    • names

      List<String> names()
      Returns the names of this path, not including the name of the root.
    • schemas

      List<Schema> schemas()
      Returns the schemas of this path.