Class AggregateFunctionImpl

All Implemented Interfaces:
AggregateFunction, Function, ImplementableAggFunction

public class AggregateFunctionImpl extends Object implements AggregateFunction, ImplementableAggFunction
Implementation of AggregateFunction via user-defined class. The class should implement A init(), A add(A, V), and R result(A) methods. All the methods should be either static or instance. Bonus point: when using non-static implementation, the aggregate object is reused through the calculation, thus it can have aggregation-related state.
  • Field Details

    • isStatic

      public final boolean isStatic
    • initMethod

      public final Method initMethod
    • addMethod

      public final Method addMethod
    • mergeMethod

      public final @Nullable Method mergeMethod
    • resultMethod

      public final @Nullable Method resultMethod
    • valueTypes

      public final<Class<?>> valueTypes
    • accumulatorType

      public final Class<?> accumulatorType
    • resultType

      public final Class<?> resultType
    • declaringClass

      public final Class<?> declaringClass
  • Method Details