Interface SqlValidatorTable

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DelegatingSqlValidatorTable, MockCatalogReader.MockModifiableViewRelOptTable, MockCatalogReader.MockRelViewTable, MockCatalogReader.MockTable, MockCatalogReader.MockViewTable, MockCatalogReader.MustFilterMockTable, Prepare.AbstractPreparingTable, RelOptTableImpl

public interface SqlValidatorTable extends Wrapper
Supplies a SqlValidator with the metadata for a table.
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  • Method Details

    • getRowType

      RelDataType getRowType()
    • getQualifiedName

      List<String> getQualifiedName()
    • getMonotonicity

      SqlMonotonicity getMonotonicity(String columnName)
      Returns whether a given column is monotonic.
    • getAllowedAccess

      SqlAccessType getAllowedAccess()
      Returns the access type of the table.
    • supportsModality

      boolean supportsModality(SqlModality modality)
    • isTemporal

      boolean isTemporal()
      Returns whether the table is temporal.
    • columnHasDefaultValue

      @Deprecated boolean columnHasDefaultValue(RelDataType rowType, int ordinal, InitializerContext initializerContext)
      Returns whether the ordinal column has a default value.
    • table

      default Table table()
      Returns the table.