Class Prepare.AbstractPreparingTable

All Implemented Interfaces:
RelOptTable, Prepare.PreparingTable, Wrapper, SqlValidatorTable
Direct Known Subclasses:
MockCatalogReader.MockTable, RelOptTableImpl
Enclosing class:

public abstract static class Prepare.AbstractPreparingTable extends Object implements Prepare.PreparingTable
  • Constructor Details

    • AbstractPreparingTable

      public AbstractPreparingTable()
  • Method Details

    • columnHasDefaultValue

      public boolean columnHasDefaultValue(RelDataType rowType, int ordinal, InitializerContext initializerContext)
      Description copied from interface: SqlValidatorTable
      Returns whether the ordinal column has a default value.
      Specified by:
      columnHasDefaultValue in interface SqlValidatorTable
    • extend

      public final RelOptTable extend(List<RelDataTypeField> extendedFields)
      Description copied from interface: RelOptTable
      Returns a table with the given extra fields.

      The extended table includes the fields of this base table plus the extended fields that do not have the same name as a field in the base table.

      Specified by:
      extend in interface RelOptTable
    • extend

      protected abstract RelOptTable extend(Table extendedTable)
      Implementation-specific code to instantiate a new RelOptTable based on a Table that has been extended.
    • getColumnStrategies

      public List<ColumnStrategy> getColumnStrategies()
      Description copied from interface: RelOptTable
      Returns a list describing how each column is populated. The list has the same number of entries as there are fields, and is immutable.
      Specified by:
      getColumnStrategies in interface RelOptTable