Interface RangeSets.Handler<V,R>

Type Parameters:
V - Value type
R - Return type
Enclosing class:

public static interface RangeSets.Handler<V,R>
Deconstructor for Range values.
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  • Method Details

    • all

      R all()
    • atLeast

      R atLeast(V lower)
    • atMost

      R atMost(V upper)
    • greaterThan

      R greaterThan(V lower)
    • lessThan

      R lessThan(V upper)
    • singleton

      R singleton(V value)
    • closed

      R closed(V lower, V upper)
    • closedOpen

      R closedOpen(V lower, V upper)
    • openClosed

      R openClosed(V lower, V upper)
    • open

      R open(V lower, V upper)
    • andThen

      default RangeSets.Consumer<V> andThen(Consumer<R> consumer)
      Creates a Consumer that sends output to a given sink.