Class LogicalCalc

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      • collectVariablesUsed

        public void collectVariablesUsed​(Set<CorrelationId> variableSet)
        Description copied from interface: RelNode
        Collects variables known to be used by this expression or its descendants. By default, no such information is available and must be derived by analyzing sub-expressions, but some optimizer implementations may insert special expressions which remember such information.
        Specified by:
        collectVariablesUsed in interface RelNode
        collectVariablesUsed in class AbstractRelNode
        variableSet - receives variables used
      • withHints

        public RelNode withHints​(List<RelHint> hintList)
        Description copied from interface: Hintable
        Returns a new relational expression with the specified hints hintList.

        This method should be overridden by every logical node that supports hint. It is only for internal use during decorrelation.

        Sub-class should return a new copy of the relational expression.

        The default implementation returns the relational expression directly only because not every kind of relational expression supports hints.

        Relational expression with set up hints