Class SqlTypeConstructorFunction

public class SqlTypeConstructorFunction extends SqlFunction
Type Constructor function.

Created by the parser, then it is rewritten to proper SqlFunction by the validator to a function defined in a Calcite schema.

  • Constructor Details

    • SqlTypeConstructorFunction

      public SqlTypeConstructorFunction(SqlIdentifier identifier, RelDataType type)
      Creates a constructor function for types.
      identifier - possibly qualified identifier for function
      type - type of data
  • Method Details

    • inferReturnType

      public RelDataType inferReturnType(SqlOperatorBinding opBinding)
      Description copied from class: SqlOperator
      Infers the return type of an invocation of this operator; only called after the number and types of operands have already been validated. Subclasses must either override this method or supply an instance of SqlReturnTypeInference to the constructor.
      inferReturnType in class SqlOperator
      opBinding - description of invocation (not necessarily a SqlCall)
      inferred return type