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1.10.0 / 2017-05-30

Apache Calcite Avatica 1.10.0 is the first release since Avatica’s git repository separated from Calcite’s repository in [CALCITE-1717]. Avatica now runs on JDK 9 (and continues to run on JDK 7 and 8), and there is now a Docker image for an Avatica server. You may now send and receive Array data via the JDBC API. Several improvements to date/time support in DateTimeUtils.

Compatibility: This release is tested on Linux, macOS, Microsoft Windows; using Oracle JDK 7, 8, 9; Guava versions 14.0 to 19.0; other software versions as specified in pom.xml.

Features and bug fixes

  • [CALCITE-1690] Timestamp literals cannot express precision above millisecond
  • [CALCITE-1539] Enable proxy access to Avatica server for third party on behalf of end users
  • [CALCITE-1756] Differentiate between implicitly null and explicitly null TypedValues
  • [CALCITE-1050] Array support for Avatica
  • [CALCITE-1746] Remove KEYS file from git and from release tarball
  • [CALCITE-1353] Convert first_frame_max_size to an int32
  • [CALCITE-1744] Clean up the Avatica poms
  • [CALCITE-1741] Upgrade maven-assembly-plugin to version 3.0.0
  • [CALCITE-1364] Docker images for an Avatica server
  • [CALCITE-1717] Remove Calcite code and lift Avatica
  • [CALCITE-1700] De-couple the HsqldbServer into a generic JDBC server
  • [CALCITE-1699] Statement may be null
  • [CALCITE-1667] Forbid calls to JDK APIs that use the default locale, time zone or character set
  • [CALCITE-1664] CAST('<string>' as TIMESTAMP) wrongly adds part of sub-second fraction to the value
  • [CALCITE-1654] Avoid generating a string from the Request/Response when it will not be logged
  • [CALCITE-1609] In DateTimeUtils, implement unixDateExtract and unixTimeExtract for more time units
  • [CALCITE-1608] Move addMonths and subtractMonths methods from Calcite class SqlFunctions to Avatica class DateTimeUtils
  • [CALCITE-1600] In Meta.Frame.create(), change type of offset parameter from int to long (Gian Merlino)
  • [CALCITE-1602] Remove uses of deprecated APIs
  • [CALCITE-1599] Remove unused createIterable call in LocalService (Gian Merlino)
  • [CALCITE-1576] Use the protobuf-maven-plugin
  • [CALCITE-1567] JDK9 support
  • Remove non-ASCII characters from Java source files
  • [CALCITE-1538] Support truststore and truststore_password JDBC options
  • [CALCITE-1485] Upgrade Avatica’s Apache parent POM to version 18


  • [CALCITE-1752] Use URLDecoder instead of manually replacing “%20” in URLs
  • [CALCITE-1736] Address test failures when the path contains spaces
  • [CALCITE-1568] Upgrade mockito to 2.5.5

Web site and documentation

  • [CALCITE-1743] Add instructions to release docs to move git tag from rcN to rel/

1.9.0 / 2016-11-01

Apache Calcite Avatica 1.9.0 includes various improvements to make it more robust and secure, while maintaining API and protocol compatibility with previous versions. We now include non-shaded and shaded artifacts, to make it easier to embed Avatica in your application. There is improved support for the JDBC API, including better type conversions and support for canceling statements. The transport is upgraded to use protobuf-3.1.0 (previously 3.0 beta).

Compatibility: This release is tested on Linux, macOS, Microsoft Windows; using Oracle JDK 1.7, 1.8; Guava versions 14.0 to 19.0; other software versions as specified in pom.xml.

Features and bug fixes

  • [CALCITE-1471] HttpServerSpnegoWithJaasTest.testAuthenticatedClientsAllowed fails on Windows (Aaron Mihalik)
  • [CALCITE-1464] Upgrade Jetty version to 9.2.19v20160908
  • [CALCITE-1463] In standalone-server jar, relocate dependencies rather than excluding them
  • [CALCITE-1355] Upgrade to protobuf-java 3.1.0
  • [CALCITE-1462] Remove Avatica pom cruft
  • [CALCITE-1458] Add column values to the deprecated protobuf attribute
  • [CALCITE-1433] Add missing dependencies to avatica-server
  • [CALCITE-1433] Fix missing avatica test-jar dependency
  • [CALCITE-1423] Add method ByteString.indexOf(ByteString, int)
  • [CALCITE-1408] ResultSet.getXxx methods should throw SQLDataException if cannot convert to the requested type (Laurent Goujon)
  • [CALCITE-1410] Fix JDBC metadata classes (Laurent Goujon)
  • [CALCITE-1224] Publish non-shaded and shaded versions of Avatica client artifacts
  • [CALCITE-1407] MetaImpl.fieldMetaData wrongly uses 1-based column ordinals
  • [CALCITE-1361] Remove entry from AvaticaConnection.flagMap when session closed
  • [CALCITE-1399] Make the jcommander SerializationConverter public
  • [CALCITE-1394] Javadoc warnings due to CoreMatchers.containsString and mockito-all
  • [CALCITE-1390] Avatica JDBC driver wrongly modifies Properties object
  • [CALCITE-1371] PreparedStatement does not process Date type correctly (Billy (Yiming) Liu)
  • [CALCITE-1301] Add cancel flag to AvaticaStatement
  • [CALCITE-1315] Retry the request on NoHttpResponseException
  • [CALCITE-1300] Retry on HTTP-503 in hc-based AvaticaHttpClient
  • [CALCITE-1263] Case-insensitive match and null default value for enum properties
  • [CALCITE-1282] Adds an API method to set extra allowed Kerberos realms


  • [CALCITE-1226] Disable AvaticaSpnegoTest due to intermittent failures

Web site and documentation

1.8.0 / 2016-06-04

Apache Calcite Avatica 1.8.0 continues the focus on compatibility with previous versions while also adding support for authentication between Avatica client and server. Performance, notably on the write-path, is also major area of improvement in this release, increasing as much as two to three times over previous versions with the addition of new API support. The documentation for both users and developers continues to receive improvements.

A number of protocol issues are resolved relating to the proper serialization of decimals, the wire-API semantics of signed integers that were marked as unsigned integers, and the unintentional Base64-encoding of binary data using the Protocol Buffers serialization in Avatica. These issues were fixed in such a way to be backwards compatible, but older clients/servers may still compute incorrect data.

Users of Avatica 1.7.x should not notice any issues in upgrading existing applications and are encouraged to upgrade as soon as possible.

Features and bug fixes

  • [CALCITE-1159] Support Kerberos-authenticated clients using SPNEGO
  • [CALCITE-1173] Basic and Digest authentication
  • [CALCITE-1249] L&N incorrect for source and non-shaded jars for avatica-standalone-server module
  • [CALCITE-1103] Decimal data serialized as Double in Protocol Buffer API
  • [CALCITE-1205] Inconsistency in protobuf TypedValue field names
  • [CALCITE-1207] Allow numeric connection properties, and K, M, G suffixes
  • [CALCITE-1209] Byte strings not being correctly decoded when sent to avatica using protocol buffers
  • [CALCITE-1213] Changing AvaticaDatabaseMetaData from class to interface breaks compatibility
  • [CALCITE-1218] Mishandling of uncaught exceptions results in no ErrorResponse sent to client
  • [CALCITE-1230] Add SQLSTATE reference data as enum SqlState
  • [CALCITE-1243] max_row_count in protobuf Requests should be signed int
  • [CALCITE-1247] JdbcMeta#prepare doesn’t set maxRowCount on the Statement
  • [CALCITE-1254] Support PreparedStatement.executeLargeBatch
  • [CALCITE-643] User authentication for avatica clients
  • [CALCITE-1128] Support addBatch()/executeBatch() in remote driver
  • [CALCITE-1179] Extend list of time units and time unit ranges
  • [CALCITE-1180] Support clearBatch() in remote driver
  • [CALCITE-1185] Send back ErrorResponse on failure to parse requests
  • [CALCITE-1192] Document protobuf and json REP types with examples
  • [CALCITE-1214] Support url-based kerberos login
  • [CALCITE-1236] Log exceptions sent back to client in server log
  • [CALCITE-836] Provide a way for the Avatica client to query the server versions
  • [CALCITE-1156] Bump jetty version
  • [CALCITE-1184] Update Kerby dependency to 1.0.0-RC2


  • [CALCITE-1190] Cross-Version Compatibility Test Harness
  • [CALCITE-1113] Parameter precision and scale are not returned from Avatica REST API
  • [CALCITE-1186] Parameter ‘signed’ metadata is always returned as false
  • [CALCITE-1189] Unit test failure when JVM default charset is not UTF-8
  • [CALCITE-1061] RemoteMetaTest#testRemoteStatementInsert’s use of hsqldb isn’t guarded
  • [CALCITE-1194] Avatica metrics has non-test dependency on JUnit
  • [CALCITE-835] Unicode character seems to be handled incorrectly in Avatica

Web site and documentation

1.7.1 / 2016-03-18

This is the first release of Avatica as an independent project. (It is still governed by Apache Calcite’s PMC, and stored in the same git repository as Calcite, but releases are no longer synchronized, and Avatica does not depend on any Calcite modules.)

One notable technical change is that we have replaced JUL (java.util.logging) with SLF4J. SLF4J provides an API that Avatica can use independent of the logging implementation. This is more flexible for users: they can configure Avatica’s logging within their own chosen logging framework. This work was done in [CALCITE-669].

If you have configured JUL in Calcite/Avatica previously, you’ll notice some differences, because JUL’s FINE, FINER and FINEST logging levels do not exist in SLF4J. To deal with this, we mapped FINE to SLF4J’s DEBUG level, and mapped FINER and FINEST to SLF4J’s TRACE.

The performance of Avatica was an important focus for this release as well. Numerous improvements aimed at reducing the overall latency of Avatica RPCs was reduced. Some general testing showed an overall reduction of latency by approximately 15% over the previous release.

Compatibility: This release is tested on Linux, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows; using Oracle JDK 1.7, 1.8; Guava versions 12.0.1 to 19.0; other software versions as specified in pom.xml.

Features and bug fixes

  • [CALCITE-1156] Upgrade Jetty from 9.2.7.v20150116 to 9.2.15.v20160210
  • [CALCITE-1141] Bump version.minor for Avatica
  • [CALCITE-1132] Update artifactId, groupId and name for Avatica
  • [CALCITE-1064] Address problematic maven-remote-resources-plugin
  • In TimeUnit add WEEK, QUARTER, MICROSECOND values, and change type of multiplier
  • Update groupId when Calcite POMs reference Avatica modules
  • [CALCITE-1078] Detach avatica from the core calcite Maven project
  • [CALCITE-1117] Default to a commons-httpclient implementation
  • [CALCITE-1118] Add a noop-JDBC driver for testing Avatica server
  • [CALCITE-1119] Additional metrics instrumentation for request processing
  • [CALCITE-1094] Replace ByteArrayOutputStream to avoid synchronized writes
  • [CALCITE-1092] Use singleton descriptor instances for protobuf field presence checks
  • [CALCITE-1093] Reduce impact of ArrayList performance
  • [CALCITE-1086] Avoid sending Signature on Execute for updates
  • [CALCITE-1031] In prepared statement, CsvScannableTable.scan is called twice
  • [CALCITE-1085] Use a NoopContext singleton in NoopTimer
  • [CALCITE-642] Add an avatica-metrics API
  • [CALCITE-1071] Improve hash functions
  • [CALCITE-669] Mass removal of Java Logging for SLF4J
  • [CALCITE-1067] Test failures due to clashing temporary table names
  • [CALCITE-999] Clean up maven POM files

Web site and documentation

  • [CALCITE-1142] Create a README for Avatica
  • [CALCITE-1144] Fix LICENSE for Avatica
  • [CALCITE-1143] Remove unnecessary NOTICE for Avatica
  • [CALCITE-1139] Update Calcite’s KEYS and add a copy for Avatica
  • [CALCITE-1140] Release notes and website updates for Avatica 1.7
  • Instructions for Avatica site
  • New logo and color scheme for Avatica site
  • [CALCITE-1079] Split out an Avatica website, made to slot into the Calcite site at /avatica

Past releases

Prior to release 1.7.1, Avatica was released as part of Calcite. Maven modules had groupId ‘org.apache.calcite’ and module names ‘calcite-avatica’, ‘calcite-avatica-server’ etc.

Please refer to the Calcite release page for information about previous Avatica releases.