The Apache Calcite PMC is pleased to announce Apache Calcite release 1.35.0.

This release comes 4 months after 1.34.0, contains contributions from 36 contributors, and resolves 140 issues.

Among other new features, it adds more than 40 new SQL functions in various libraries such as BigQuery and Spark.

It is worth highlighting the following improvements:

  • Some improvements in calcite core.
    • [CALCITE-5703] Reduce amount of generated runtime code
    • [CALCITE-5479] FamilyOperandTypeChecker is not readily composable in sequences
    • [CALCITE-5425] Should not pushdown Filter through Aggregate without group keys
    • [CALCITE-5506] RelToSqlConverter should retain the aggregation logic when Project without RexInputRef on the Aggregate
  • Some improvements in simplifying an expression.
    • [CALCITE-5769] Optimizing CAST(e AS t) IS NOT NULL to e IS NOT NULL
    • [CALCITE-5780] Simplify 1 > x OR 1 <= x OR x IS NULL to TRUE
    • [CALCITE-5798] Improve simplification of (x < y) IS NOT TRUE when x and y are not nullable
    • [CALCITE-5759] SEARCH(1, Sarg[IS NOT NULL]) should be simplified to TRUE
    • [CALCITE-5639] RexSimplify should remove IS NOT NULL check when LIKE comparison is present

See the release notes; download the release.